heart centred graphic and web design by Gina George

Hi, I’m Gina George.

I specialise in authentic graphic design for holistic, heart-centred business owners like you. In my alternate, secret identity, I’m a yoga teacher – so trust me when I say I understand the challenges you’re facing. I want to work with you – as a partner – to create designs that provide a perfect mirror for your business. Here’s what I offer:

25 years of design experience across all kinds of formats:
I’ve done everything from websites to business cards to logos to brochures, in a wide range of styles.

Sincere respect for your work:
it’s sad that I even have to mention this, but…As a holistic healer, I’ve been on the receiving end of that condescending “too woo-woo to take seriously” vibe from business professionals myself. So I want to be 100% clear: I admire the difference you make. And I want to support you however I can.

A commitment to complete authenticity:
I couldn’t care less what other designers think of what we create. I won’t overwhelm you with frustrating design jargon, or push inappropriate, ego-driven designs on you. I just want your design to authentically reflect you and your business so it connects you with your perfect clients. Period.

Empathy and understanding:
Believe me, I understand what life’s like for a small business owner. I know you have alot on your plate, and I also know you don’t have unlimited money – what I want you to know (and feel) should we work together, is that you’re far more than a paycheque to me!

Want to know more?

So if you are looking for help with logo design and branding, or needing graphic design for print or web, contact me today and let me know how I can help you!